Signed Stan Lee

Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 4.0 Signed Stan Lee, Origin &1st app. Sandman 1963

Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 4.0 Signed Stan Lee, Origin &1st app. Sandman 1963
Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 4.0 Signed Stan Lee, Origin &1st app. Sandman 1963

Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 4.0 Signed Stan Lee, Origin &1st app. Sandman 1963

Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 4.0 Signed Stan Lee, Origin &1st app. Brand New Case, Please note there may be minor scuff marks from processing at CGC.

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Synopsis for "Lucky to Be Alive". Thirteen years ago, a young 15-year-old named Peter Parker was on a school field trip to a science lab. There a spider got a large dose of radioactivity. Dying for life, the spider bit Peter on the hand.

We all know this story of the origin of the Amazing Spider-Man. But what we don't know is that something else happened too. The spider didn't die right away. Instead it crawled on the floor and bit a young dark-haired girl near the ankle.

And she is Spider-Man's Original Sin. Spider-Man is now 28 years old, and it is April as he is back from the grave after the sacrifice of the Superior Spider-Man.

A man nearly falls over onto his baby, Lois, but his fall is broken by Spider-Man. White Rabbit starts shooting at him, but Spider-Man defeats her, takes the eggs back, and webs them to safety.

Hippo throws a car at Spidey, claiming the eggs would secure his future, but Spider-Man says they are already in the future See? A girl remarks and realizes the old Spidey's back, then realizes something else - outside of his mask, webshooters, and web around his groin, SPIDER-MAN IS COMPLETELY NAKED.

Four hours earlier, Peter is at a press conference with Aunt May and Jay Jameson. He says that the only real damage was to the logo, and otherwise, everything is fine at "Arker Industries", and that they just need a little "P" break (the P in Parker was destroyed).

One reporter named Natalie Long asks if the attack at the building was Spider-Man-related, and Peter confirms this, but also says that he will now be severing all ties between Spidey and the company. After the conference, Sajani thanks everyone for getting the situation situated, but Jay complains to Peter that he hasn't seen Peter in weeks, and neither has anyone else. Peter and Sajani tell Jay that the company is now top-priority, but Peter can't help but think what to say about all that Ock has done in his name, even making him a CEO and allowing May to walk again, beyond thanking him. Anna Maria, meanwhile, walks into Peter's apartment (which she happens to share with him) and hears from an employee that Peter is at Parker Industries. She goes to get the car keys, but while looking for them she finds something else - a purple wedding ring box and sheets of paper Otto wrote as a proposal speech.

And she does not want to marry him. Meanwhile, at the remains of Conway Penitentiary, a news reporter reports that the place was destroyed not by the goblins, but by Electro.

Avengers Spider-Woman and Iron Man fought him and some Goblin Slayers. Mayor Jameson appeared on one of them, saying that the "citizen" (Iron Man) was safe, and later said he was resigning. Jameson, who has started drinking, breaks his TV in disgust. He decides to go back to the Daily Bugle and once again rant about Spider-Man, but then sees a news article ranting about HIM, and gets even more annoyed. Peter starts looking at some cyber nano-tech equipment Otto had made before, and has no idea how to operate them.

He wishes he could access Otto's memories, but immediately scolds himself for thinking that. Instead he decides to go over the paperwork - all of it - that night.

The employees show to be extremely scared of Peter thanks to Otto, making him worried, but also making Sajani delighted. Sajani then says that he needs to get rid of all Spider-Man's belongings with the help of a robot butler. After discovering he is a doctor, Peter decides to do something DIFFERENT for a change (literally) - go webslinging. While doing so, somebody calls him a creep thanks to Otto, but Peter pushes it aside because he can just be himself "again", and everything will be fine. Spidey webslings in front of them, and Skein uses her powers to strip all of his clothes, except the mask.

The story goes back to the beginning, where people are taking all kinds of pictures of Spider-Man being naked (#SpideyWhiteys). At Avengers Tower, an irritated Jessica Drew becomes convinced that that is Peter because only something that stupid happens to him, but an unfazed Captain America still wants more evidence. At his favorite bar, Johnny Storm just can't stop laughing. Mary Jane sees the thing on her tablet, calls Peter an idiot, and closes the link down. Peter defeats all four villains before being chased off by angry civilians.

He gets home, saying all in all that wasn't all half-bad, and he is willing to take on the responsibilities Otto left him. After changing, he sees Anna Maria still there, and after being shocked by the fact they live together, he tries to explain where he has been. But Anna Maria already knows the truth - Peter is Spider-Man. Peter denies this, but Anna Maria can tell that it is Peter because of his body build and the number of freckles around his belly button as seen in the naked Spider-Man run. She demands answers, but Peter can only reply with "um".

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  • Modified Item: Yes
  • Certification: CGC
  • Main Character: Spider-Man
  • Grade: 4.0 VG
  • Modification Description: Signed Stan Lee
  • Signed: Yes
  • Publisher: Marvel

Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 4.0 Signed Stan Lee, Origin &1st app. Sandman 1963